Quen thermal automatic shoe cover machine
Quen thermal automatic shoe cover machine
Quen thermal automatic shoe cover machine
Quen thermal automatic shoe cover machine
Quen thermal automatic shoe cover machine
Quen thermal automatic shoe cover machine

Item specifics

Capacity of shoe cover
1000pcs shoe cover
Thickness of shoe cover
28 micron
silver, gold,orange
Material of shoe cover



Product name : Auto Plastic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine

Model No : XT-46C

What is Thermal Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine ?
It uses the principle that Thermal Shrinkable film will shrink at proper temperature.
After you press the footboard of the shoe cover dispenser, the machine will provide hot air,  then the film will shrink after heated and wrap the bottom of the shoe. 
It can automatically output and cut the film . This machine only takes about three seconds to make  film into shoe cover. The size of shoe cover can be according to 
the shoe size.  People no need to bend down to wear shoe cover by hand, just one step, very convenient.
automatic shoes wrapping machine
automatic shoes wrapping machine
automatic shoes wrapping machine
automatic shoes wrapping machine
Thermal Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine detail view

It has wheels

easy to move

With leakage

protection switch

Ensure safe use

From the LCD Display

lt shows the remaining quantity of shoe cover.
lt shows the room temperature and time.
lt can adjust the temperature level of the machinelt can adjust the length of PVC film.
lt can set up the working time,then machine can turn on/off automatically.

How To Use the Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser?
Automatic Shoe Wrapping Machine
One roll PVC film
Automatic Shoe Wrapping Machine
Place the PVC film roll into the machine
Automatic Shoe Wrapping Machine
Press the “film out” key
Automatic Shoe Wrapping Machine
PVC film comes out, ready to use
Our Advantage
  • Unique Manufacturer, Global First, use thermo shrinkable principle.
  • With 12 years of export experience for this automatic shoe cover machine.
  • Fashion design , it looks more artistic.
  • Lower cost, cheaper than traditional shoe cover, the thickness is 28um, more durable
  • Large shoe cover capacity,the maximum shoe cover capacity of traditional shoe cover dispenser is 200pcs. Ours is with 1000pcs or 1600pcs shoe cover. No need to add shoe cover very frequently.
  • Long design life, the design life is about 300,000 Times
  • lt is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It only covers the bottom of the shoe, does not bind feet.
QUEN Automatic Shoe Wrapping Machine
What Thermal Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine can do?

Free from removing shoes while entering room

By wearing shoe cover can keep floor clean

Free from bowing to wear shoe cover by hand,especially to the elderly people

Avoid cross-infection via slippers

Enhance enterprise image,enjoy clean working environment

QUEN Automatic Shoe Wrapping Machine
Thermal Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine Specification
Product Name:  Auto Plastic Shoe Cover Dispenser 
Film-delivering Time
Capacity of shoe cover
1000pcs shoe cover
Film Shaping Time
Design Useful Life
 300,000 times
Material of Outer Case
Operating Voltage / Frequency
220V ±5% or 110V ±5%
Dimension of Machine
78x44 x 32 cm
Rated power
Dimension of Carton
87 x 50 x 40 cm
Standby Power
Net Weight
Preheating Time
Gross Weight
Exhibition For Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser
                              Exhibition in Russia
                                 Exhibition in Russia
                                  Exhibition in Saudi Arabia
Applicable Site For Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser
Medical system: Clinics.Laboratory, Hospital ,Medical center, etc
Factory:Food factory, Pharmaceutical factory, Electricfactory, Chemical industry, Dustless room, etc
Real Estate:Model house,High grade residence, etc
Public: High grade club, Hotel,Museum,Top grademeeting room, Spa center, Fitness center, etc
Education System : Kindergarten, School, Computerroom, Research and Teaching.etc

If there is no suitable scene for your use, please contact us immediately

FAQ about QUEN Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser 

1. What Is The Maximum Size Of Shoe Can Fit For This Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser?

The shoe cover dispenser can make shoe cover according to people's shoe size.

The maximum size of the shoe is 46 can fit for the machine.Sample Content

2. Will The Heat Of The Shoe Cover Dispenser Hurt Shoes ?

No, the heat will not hurt shoe. you can see below. even by hand, it is no harm to skin.

3. How To Remove The Shoe Covers From Shoes?

The shoe cover can be removed from shoes by hand easily, no need any tool, very convenient !

4. Can The Quen Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine Accept Other Shoe Covers?

No, our thermo shrinkable shoe cover dispenser can only use our PVC film, other shoe covers (like PE shoe cover,non-woven shoe cover) are not acceptable for our machine.

5. Does The PVC Film Roll Should Been Ordered From Your Company?

Our PVC film is special, other PVC film doesn't suitable for our auto shoe cover dispenser machine.

It is better to use our official PVC film.