Quen shoe cover dispenser

We were at Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology Expo

Time: 2019-09-06
Summary: QUEN provides high technology unique Automatic Intelligent Thermal Shrinkable Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine

QUEN attened the 13rd Shanghai International Intelligent Building Technology Expo.

With the industry becoming more mature, the future will be towards more energy-saving,

 environmental protection, interconnection of all things and sustainable development, 

giving new life to the traditional construction industry. Future buildings are no longer just 

cold reinforced concrete, but an organic combination of various technologies and systems. 

As a comprehensive technology platform, a series of intelligent building systems and 

solutions, including building energy saving and energy management system, hotel 

intelligent system, building automation control system and power distribution products, 

have been brought together to promote cooperation and technology integration in 

different fields.

QUEN Intelligent Shoe Cover Machine can also be used in the family ,real estate

 industry and hotel, etc . It can greatly solve inconvenient movements such as taking 

off shoes or bending down to put on shoes.

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