Quen shoe cover dispenser

QUEN Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser were used on Vessel

Time: 2019-09-12
Summary: QUEN is the Unique Manufacturer for Thermal Shrinkable Shoe Cover Machine. It can solve the problem of changing shoes or wearing shoe cover by hand when people enter into a clean area

QUEN Automatic Cover Dispenser were used on Sweden’s new oceangoing 

research vessel, R/V Svea. It served more than 700 people in five hours.

It got high praise from the visitors. It provides convenience for them, visitors 

no need to bend down to wear disposable shoe cover . Besides, this shoe cover 

dispenser machine has large shoe cover capacity, one roll film can be used for 

500 people.

It's very good for such place where with large visitors flow rate.

Don't need to add shoe cover frequently.



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