Quen shoe cover dispenser

Quen company attended the 99th Shanghai CIOSH Expo for Auto shoe cover machine

Time: 2019-04-25
Summary: QUEN is the unique manufacturer for this Thermal Shrinkable Automatic Shoe Cover Machine, it can provide you convenience, save time and money and establish upscale image

Quen company attended the 99th China International Occupational Safety&Health 

Goods Expo which was held in Shanghai city from 20th - 22nd April.2019. It is the 

biggest expo in the industry of Safety&Health Goods.

Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Machine as an innovative and unique product, it attracted 

many visitors' eye. After trying the Intelligent shoe cover machine, they all think the 

machine is so smart and convenient.

It not only save time but also can increase the image of the places.

It had been exported to more than 70 countries, it can be used for many 

different places where need cleanliness, such as Hospital, clinic, lab, factory 

clean room, spa center, hotel, gym, real estate, etc

It only takes about 3 seconds, the PVC film can wrap people's shoe automatically.

The shoe cover can be made according to the shoe size. 

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