Quen shoe cover dispenser

Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Machine been demonstrated at Japan Home Show

Time: 2019-01-03

Our Japan Distributor attended the Japan Home Show, they demonstrated our 

Automatic shoe cover dispenser machine during the show.

It attracted many visitors to try it.

This machine does not require specific shoe covers to be filled into the device but only

 uses a roll of heat-shrinkable film.  Quen shoe cover machine produces the shoe 

covers automatically, by placing the shoe in the foot board of the device, where there

 is a thermal shrinkable plastic film. After people press the foot board, the heating 

system is activated and the PVC film will shrink and by following the shape of the 

shoe to make it fit. The coating just makes such a perfect fit, the shoe cover size 

can be made according to the shoe size. Even for Children's shoe.



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