Quen shoe cover dispenser

Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Machine can be used for hospital

Time: 2018-10-29
Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine are being used in Vietnam hospital .

It is convenient for nurses and visitors. Before they used the traditional shoe cover, the nurse 

need to bend down and wear shoe cover by hand, after that they need to wash hand and then

took something into the ward. It wasted time and water/soap.

Since using the Quen Automatic shoe cover machine , they were excited. Just need one step. 

then a smart shoe cover will be covered on the shoe.

They don't need to bend down and wash hands, it saves time and provides convenience.

Besides,when the family members of the patient went to visit the patient, after they saw the 

auto shoe cover machine, they praised the good service of the hospital, it greatly enhance 

hospital image.


Before, wear shoe cover by hand like this

Now, just need one step

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