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Dragon Boat Festival is China Traditional Festival

Time: 2018-06-12

    The Dragon Boat Festival is in the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar 

every year. Dragon Boat Festival originated in China. Dragon Boat Festival and Spring Festival, 

Tomb Sweeping  Day and Mid Autumn Festival are also called the four traditional festivals in 

China.Today, Dragon Boat Festival is still a very popular festival among the Chinese people.


     The Dragon Boat Festival is the traditional custom of the Chinese people for more than two

 thousand years. As a result of the vast area, many ethnic groups and many story stories, it 

has not only produced a large number of different Festival names.And there are different 

customs in all parts of the country. Since the ancient times, Dragon Boat Festival and Dragon

 Boat Festival have been held.


       Dragon boat racing is an important event in the Dragon Boat Festival. It is very popular in

 southern China, especially in the Guangdong area. It was first used as a sacrificial activity

 by the ancient Yue people to offer sacrifices to water gods or dragon gods.

Its origin may begin in the Neolithic age.Dragon boat race has a long history and has been 

handed down for more than two thousand years. It is a folk traditional water sports and

entertainment project in China. It is held in the festival of celebration. It is a collective 

paddling competition.

      After being abroad, it was deeply loved by the people of all countries and formed an 

international  competition.


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