Quen shoe cover dispenser

Quen attended the 55th International Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair for Automatic shoe cover dispenser

Time: 2018-05-02

      From 20th -22nd April, 2018, Quen company attended the 55th International Pharmaceutical 

Machinery Fair (CIPM) in Chongqing city, China

       Our automatic shoe cover dispenser can be use for pharmaceutical factory, especially for

 visitors. Visitors no need to bend down and wear shoe cover by hand.Just need to one step,

 then the PVC film shoe cover will wrap the shoe fast.

It can save time and increase the company image. One roll PVC film can make 1000pcs shoe 

cover, you do not need to add shoe cover very frequently.

For more information, you can visit     www.quenshoecover.com

Or send email to sales@kunyukj.com




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