Quen shoe cover dispenser

What is Thermo Shrinkable Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

Time: 2017-03-09
The Automatic Shoe Cover Machine is used to provide hygiene and
 to protect clean environments from contamination by foot borne
 germs,dirt or dust. By using automatic shoe cover dispenser, people
 no need to bend down and wear shoe cover by hand. Just need one

Applications range is from food processing preparation plants,
 hospitals, medical, dental clinics, medical clinics, laboratories and
 dust sensitive factories to forensics labs and clean rooms.
"Quen" Automatic Overshoes Dispenser is the unique one which
 uses Thermo Shrinkable PVC film,  no need to install shoe covers
into the machine, just need to install one roll PVC film, then can be
 used for 500 people-time.Easy to use .
Just need one step, the PVC film will be sent out and cut off, 
the machine will provide hot air, then the PVC film will shrink and 
wraps the shoe.

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