Is it easy to move the automatic shoe cover dispenser machine?

Our Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser has wheels, it can be moved easily, pls see below picture.

Does the PVC film roll should been ordered from your company?

Our PVC film is special, other PVC film  does not suitable for our auto shoe cover dispenser machine.It is better to use our official PVC film.

Will the automatic shoe cover dispenser machine be hot while in use?

The plastic cover of the shoe cover dispenser machine will not be hot while in use.It is safe.www.quenshoecover.comsales@kunyukj.com

Can the shoe cover wrap the high heel shoe ?

Yes, the shoe cover can wrap the high heel shoe which the heel is vertical with floor.

How many color do you have for the shoe cover dispenser XT-46C?

We have 3 color for the shoe cover dispenser XT-46CSilver, gold and cooper brownwww.quenshoecover.comsales@kunyukj.com

Does this auto shoe cover dispenser been developed by your company?

Yes, we are the Unique manufacturer for this automatic shoe cover dispenser.

When did your company begin to sell automatic shoe cover dispenser machine?

We began to sell auto shoe cover dispenser machine since 2006 .

How many models of shoe cover machine do you have?

 We have three models shoe cover dispenser now, model XT-46B(I), XT-46B(II) and XT-46C

What maintenance should we do for the auto shoe cover dispenser ?

   (1)Please clear up the ventlation slot at the bottom of the shoe cover machine,in order to avoid blocking and affect the normal operation.  (2) When use the shoe cover dispenser, please don't let water and dirt go into the machine,it may cause short circuit and maybe destory the PC board.   

Do you have CE for the automatic shoe cover dispenser machine ?

Yes, we have CE  certificate for the Auto shoe cover dispenser.

Do you have new type PVC film for the shoe cover machine?

Now we have a upgrade version for the PVC film. Some stripe is printed on the surface of PVC film. It can increase the friction with the floor.It is a little better on slip problem.

What is the material for the shoe cover ?

The material for the shoe cover is PVC, this PVC film is special

How to be Quen exclusive distributor ?

We will have order quantity request for the shoe cover dispenser before and after being exclusive distributor.And customer should send us the sales plan and advise how to promote this product .For details, please send us email  sales@kunyukj.com

Can we find the same PVC film in our country ?

Our PVC film is special. for other PVC film, it is not suitable for our shoe cover machine. It is difficult for you to find the same quality.